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Azamara Club Cruises – Stay Longer.Experience More.

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I want to share with you some exciting news from Azamara Club Cruises. We have just launched a new initiative that involves refining our brand positioning and significantly enhancing our land product.
As you know, in 2010 we launched Azamara Club Cruises as the brand that provides Destination Immersion® meaning longer stays, more overnights and night touring. That positioning has served us well. But in order to enhance our brand deliverable and exceed the demands of today’s affluent traveller, we think it is time to evolve Azamara to an even stronger, enhanced brand position. We call it Stay Longer. Experience More.
Again, this is an enhanced brand position, not a replacement.
It can be summarised as:
Immersive itineraries that allow you to Cruise Global and Connect Local from your Boutique Hotel at Sea.
Azamara’s brand position continues to be grounded in Destination Immersion and it still includes our signature longer stays, more overnights and night touring but it goes well beyond that.
Within this evolved positioning, there are two powerful guests deliverables. The first is we’re shifting from enabling our guests to immerse themselves in the destination to delivering hundreds of new destination experiences for guests to select from in over 70 countries.
These experiences provide the second powerful deliverable. It is one-to-one human connection. Our land product will be curated to ensure guests get to connect in a personalised and unique way with the people in the destinations they visit. This may occur through people to people interaction, cultural experiences, enjoying local food and beverages, music, events and so on.
You’ll be hearing a lot more about this is the coming months. We think it sets Azamara up to continue to be a top brand in the up-market destination cruise space. It’s differentiating and compelling. But more importantly it gives you a reason to recommend Azamara over other brands and it gives your clients a reason to select Azamara as their destination brand of choice.
Azamara is more than a cruise line; it’s the brand that delivers a rich destination experience worldwide.
Best regards,
Larry Pimentel
President & CEO, Azamara Club Cruises
Source: Azamara Club Cruises, 31Jan17