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Travel Insurance

Bespoke Travel strongly recommend all travellers purchase Travel Insurance at the time of booking their trip.

Here we present for your consideration, an overview of Allianz Travel Insurance. Contact us to discuss travel insurance options today so as you can make the most informed decision as to what policy will best suit you.

Why Allianz Travel Insurance?

Travelling for a holiday should be something you can enjoy with complete peace of mind. You shouldn’t need to worry about things going wrong but unfortunately they can and do for many New Zealanders every year.

Unexpected events can leave you out of pocket financially and in need of emergency assistance, and when you are overseas in unfamiliar surroundings, or the people around you do not speak your language, it can be scary.

Below are a few key benefits of the Allianz Comprehensive travel insurance policy:

– Provision of cover for travel Schedule changes (Most policies in the NZ market will exclude this cover)
– Travel delay caused by airline including mechanical disrupt
– Terrorism cover for travel arrangements affected directly by terror event NZD$3k
– No depreciation on item up to 2 years old
– New medical condition that arises after the policy is issued but before you travel is this automatically covered (subject to being fit to travel)

Why not Credit Card Travel Insurance?

It is really important that you check your complimentary credit card insurance is the right insurance for you. All credit card policies vary from bank to bank and they are all different, so it may be a good idea to ask your bank the below to ensure you are fully covered:

– How do I activate my credit card insurance? Is there a minimum spend?
– Are there age limits on the insurance or any reduced medical benefits after a particular age?
– How long is the policy valid? Is there conditions around duration of the policy?
– Who do you call in an emergency? Is this company in NZ?
– Will your bank issue you a policy number? (you will be asked for a policy number in the event of a hospital admission)
– Will the bank cover your PE conditions? If so how much will this cost?
– What happens if a new medical condition arises after you purchase your holiday but before you travel? Will the bank cover your new medical condition while you travel? Or will this now be a pre-existing medical condition, with potentially no medical cover?
– When does cancellation cover start? Is this from the day you purchase your holiday or 6 months prior to the travel date?
– How do you obtain a copy of the banks policy wording?
– If something happens while you are overseas, please be aware that as your travel agent I cannot speak to a 3rd party insurer due to company privacy policies. If you purchased the Allianz Insurance, as this is our preferred provider we are able to facilitate and speak with Allianz on your behalf.

I do hope the above is useful. Travel insurance is really a duty of care and ensuring that you have a safety net in the event things go wrong.

I do encourage you to review policy wordings and always ensure you receive a full copy of the policy documents and emergency contact details for assistance whilst travelling.

How do I get travel insurance cover with Allianz?

Allianz Insurance is available through Bespoke Travel … contact us today to discuss your travel plans so we can prepare a suitable quote for you and make your next trip away a memorable one, for all the right reasons.

Worldwide medical & emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Not all hospitals are like the ones at home.

Imagine being in hospital where appropriate medical facilities are not available, communication is difficult and your tour goes on, leaving you alone. Or even just simply trying to rearrange your disrupted travel plans. Sometimes you just need help and we have a dedicated team of experts to assist.

In a time of need you couldn’t be in better hands. The Allianz team take a personal interest, helping with the unexpected and providing the reassurance you want. They support you with:

• assessing and monitoring your condition after an
accident or illness;
• providing medical repatriation, if required;
• assisting with payment of hospital and medical bills;
• rescheduling disrupted travel plans;
• providing advice and contact details for airlines,
local embassies in the event of lost tickets, passports
or travel documents;
• providing contact details for bank / credit card provider to
assist with arrangements for emergency transfer of funds;
• urgent messages to your family or travel agent.

For the full Schedule of Benefits & Limits, please refer to the full Allianz travel insurance policy wording.

Important information
This information is general information only and does not constitute financial product advice. This document does not provide full details of every aspect of cover, nor all exclusions or limitations that may apply. For full details please contact Bespoke Travel for a copy of the policy wording.


TAANZ travel agents are also bonded for your protection. Consumers will at least receive some protection against a TAANZ travel agents’ failure to properly account to suppliers or intermediaries for monies received from customers for that purpose. For more details see the TAANZ Bonding Scheme page. Bespoke Travel is a TAANZ Approved Travel Broker for NZ Travel Brokers. Start planning your next trip with Bespoke Travel now.